Active Volunteer Projects
Information on how to donate spare CPU and GPU processing power, hard drive storage, and internet bandwidth for science and research.

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        BOINC Software. Run research projects in the background by allowing your computer to join thousands of other computers in solving many of todays critical issues and problems. - How to Join

        SETI@home Project. Analyzes interstellar radio signals, searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence - Info (Shutdown 31 Mar 2020)

        SETI@home Beta Project. The Beta test site for SETI@home - Info (Shutdown 31 Mar 2020)

        Einstein@home Project. Looks for black holes, and pulsars - Info

        MilkyWay@home Project. Maps out the Milkyway Galaxy - Info

        WorldCommunityGrid Project. Research for Covid19, AIDS, and Cancer - Info

        Rosetta@home Project. Protein structure research, including Covid19, Alzheimer's, and Malaria - Info

        Local Server Contributions

        Network Time Protocol(NTP) Server
        All electronics need to know what time it is. From your TV, to the VISA purchase you just made. Many of these electronics use the publicly funded, and operated NTP Pool.

        Join NTP Pool

        Join Public NTP List

        Beta NTP Test site

        Local Public Time Server
        Stratum 1 - Pool - Server

        Stratum 2 - Pool - Server

        Asteroid Earth Impact Monitoring with JPL - Info

        Internet Storm Centre (ISC)

        ISC is a volunteer run organization. It provides free analysis and warning services to thousands of Internet users and organizations, and is actively working with Internet Service Providers to fight back against malicious attackers.

        DShield Honeypot - Info

        404 Error Page Reporting Project - Info

        Locally seeding many legal torrents from research data, linux distributions, and Wikipedia backups.

        Free Academic Torrents

        Free AutoCad Files Torrent

        Raspberry Pi Operating System Torrents

        Wikipedia Backup Torrents

        Open Library - Gutenberg Project Torrents

        Open Archive Torrents

        Libre Office Torrents

        Linux Mint Torrents

        Kali Linux Torrents

        Debian Linux Torrents

        NetRunner Linux Torrents

        MX Linux Torrents

        Manjaro Linux Torrents

        Linux Tracker Torrents

        Library Genesis - Online Library

        Slackware Linux Torrents

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        Backed up Reddit Data

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